Pace Group Leader Application

Do you have what it takes to inspire others?

Do you have experience running or walking marathons and have a passion for sharing your knowledge and experiences with others?

We are currently looking for experienced runners and walkers to become one of our famous Pace Group Leaders for our Queen Bee and Fall Half and Full Training Program. Our premium programs would not be possible with out our premium Pace Group Leaders!  If you have a passion for helping other achieve their personal athletic goals in a positive, organized, and fun environment, and love Fleet Feet Sports Cincinnati then consider being a Pace Group Leader.

What is a Pace Group Leader?
A Pace Group Leader (PGL) is  a valuable resource to our training program participants and an "on the road" representative of Fleet Feet Sports Cincinnati.  Their main responsibilities include: providing support and guidance to their group, offering positive energy and a positive attitude to the group, on road safety support, keeping an assigned approximate pace while walking or running, and educating participants about the benefits that Fleet Feet Sports offers. A PGL is a training tool for the participants for the fact that they can provide personal experiences, wisdom, and other general tips when it comes to training for 1/2 marathons, full marathons, and other road events.

You have 2 locations to choose from! What this means: we are looking for pace group leaders for Fleet Feet Blue Ash AND Fleet Feet Oakley. Blue Ash will train on Tuesdays at 6:30 pm and Saturdays at 7:00 am. Oakley will train on Wednesdays at 6:30 pm and Saturdays at 7:00 am. 

PGL Requirements:

  • Has run or walked at least 1 marathon (Marathon Pace Group Leaders)
  • Has run or walked at least 1 half marathon (Half Marathon Pace Group Leaders)
  • Able to attend majority of group training runs and walks (this will be discussed in further detail). 
  • The understanding that the training focus is on the participant, not themselves
  • Can maintain a desired pace or has access to GPS watch for pace guidance
  • Can attend a mandatory training seminars at Fleet Feet Sports Cincinnati (Date/Time TBA)
  • Is a people person and desire to help others achieve their goals
  • Has an email account and is willing to use it for training purposes
  • Has a strong understanding of the Fleet Feet Sports business and/or has been a customer of Fleet Feet Sports in the past


  • Free training and all of the same program perks as participants!
  • Special "PGL" gift from Brooks
  • 20% store discount for duration of program
  • Warm fuzzy feeling from knowing you made a difference in someones running
  • Qualification for next season's Alumni Training Pricing

Please complete the application below and we will contact you soon.  And most importantly, THANK YOU for helping make Fleet Feet Sports the BEST Training Family in Cincinnati! 

This is the pace you run/walk your races.
This is the pace you can comfortably maintain while coaching on the road

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