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When it comes to group training we believe in the experience. From the kickoff meeting to the post-race party, our goal is to provide our participants with unforgettable and beyond-expectation experiences every time they join us to train.  We do this by focusing on three very important aspects as we plan each program, then infuse them into every element of training throughout the program.  Our three guiding aspects are Fitness, Education, & Social.

This means we focus on getting our bodies in shape for the physical task ahead, having fun together while training, and learning something along the way whether it's something about your body, your gear, training principals or something else.


Our number one goal every week is to get the training work done. It is top priority that each week we train our bodies in a progressive nature to gain optimal fitness over time.  We use the best, safe practices and time tested training methods to put every participant in a position to succeed from a physical standpoint when race day comes around.  Fitness is essential, but our programs are much more than just running...


Secondly, we believe in improving ourselves everyday - body and mind.  After all, the more you know, the better your can preform.  We continually expose our participants to educational seminars, clinics, guest speakers and product demos.  Our certified coaches stress best practices and put a big focus on teaching the basics of body maintenance and injury prevention with the help from Oxford Physical Therapy. We believe continued education is important, as an athlete is always learning about their body and what makes it unique.  Experience shows us that a physically well rounded, educated runner stays injury free and has the most success on race day.  Our participants will be introduced to some of our areas' most notable experts in relevant fields such as sports nutrition, physical therapy, strength training, mental strength, massage, yoga, and of course, running.  And since our groups are just the right size, you'll always have direct access to our coaches and Pace Group Leaders who will also continually feed our participants awesome info based on their past experiences as athletes.


Lastly, and maybe most importantly, group training should be fun! Actually, we like to have a lot of fun!  We always make time for the post-hang out and social aspect to running.  After all, one of the best parts of being in a big group is meeting other like-minded people!  Over the years many life long friendships have been formed in our programs.  Our popular social events have come in many entertaining forms over the years including, a surprise mid-run ice cream truck visit, costume contests, a post-run disco dance party, in-store coffee and bagels, photo booths, pot luck breakfasts, and custom made running shirts made by participants!  But our ever popular pub runs, and post-run "happy hours" may still be the overwhelming crowd favorite event! 

So, whether you aspire to run or walk a 5K, increase your mileage, learn to run on a track, or complete your first half or full marathon, you have come to the right place. Select a link to learn more about our upcoming programs and find the right training program for you!

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