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2017 Flying Pig Training

Welcome to 2017 Flying Pig & Heart Mini Training!  As always we will offer several different programs to meet everyone's different goals and ability levels.  But a few things will remain the same between them all - a super fun and encouraging environment full of unique opportunities, best-in-town perks, and professional run and walk training (not to mention a few new sponsors that can't wait to hook you up).  With two training locations (Blue Ash & Oakley) and three group run options per week, we think we have the most versatile as well as PREMIUM training programs in town!  Check out all of the details below to see what program suits you best.  We are super excited for what the new season will bring with all of our incredible friends and participants!

Read more about Our Training Program Philosophy

AND Official Training Program of the Heart Mini

As the official Training Program of the Heart Mini we always incorporate both the half marathon and 15K into our Flying Pig training.  Not only do we do this because of our close partnership with the Heart Mini, but the timing is also perfect to use the race as a mid-season check on your progress!

If you are training with us for the Flying Pig Marathon we will include the Heart Mini Half Marathon into your training schedule, and if you you are training for the Flying Pig Half Marathon we will include the Heart Mini 15K into your schedule.  Note, this does not mean we enter you into the race or pay your race entry fee, we simply incorporate the race into your schedule and suggest you do it - but don't worry all Fleet Feet Sports training participants will get the best Heart Mini race entry discount in town!

  • If your goal race is the Heart Mini Half Marathon, you should join the Flying Pig Full Marathon Program.  
  • If your goal race is the Heart Mini 15K, you should join the Flying Pig Half Marathon Program. 

This will ensure that your training milage and progression stays on schedule for a successful race day in March!  Be sure to let us know after you register so we can make the appropriate adjustments to your schedule.  And if you are inspired to continue training through the Flying Pig after you cross the finish line of the Heart Mini, you are more than welcome to continue with us!

Flying Pig Full & Half Program Details

  • Professionally designed and proven 17-week training schedule,distributed in three 5-week training phases, each with very specific training focuses:
    • Weeks 1-5: Base & Pace
    • Weeks 6-10: Build & Strength 
    • Weeks 11-15: Sharpen & Lengthen
    • Weeks 16-Race Week: Recover & Race Prep
  • Our programs are progressive in nature, with each week building upon the last - slow, steady and consistent!
  • Training Kicks off with an Info Session on Tuesday, January 5th in Blue Ash & Wednesday, January 6th in Oakley!
  • 3 weekly group training options: Tuesday 6:30PM in Blue Ash, Wednesday 6:30PM in Oakley, Saturday 7:00AM both Blue Ash & Oakley locations - YOUR CHOICE!  Of course we will also provide the full workout schedule for all non-group training days so that you can keep your weekly milage in rhythm.
  • Full supported group runs and walks complete with aid stations, turn-by-turn routes, and our WORLD FAMOUS Pace Group Leaders!
  • Optional Saturday post-run informational clinics, injury screenings, product demo's, taste testing and more - all in conjunction with our local community partners
  • Comprehensive weekly newsletter (a must-read to be "in the know" on the up coming week's training details, logistical information, group specials and events etc.)
  • Complete access to Training Program Coordinator, Head Coach, Pace Group Leaders and Fleet Feet Sports Owners and Managers (phone numbers, email, Facebook).  After all we are one big family and we are here for you!
  • Scannable key tag for signing in and out of each group workout and tracking.  Also used for emergency contact information
  • Complete access to Oxford Physical Therapy, our trusted medical partners, including FREE injury prevention screenings scheduled throughout training
  • NEW FOR 2016 - Optional Pre-Training 5K Time Trial (on Saturday, January 2nd at Summit Park in Blue Ash) for those seeking advice on which training pace group to join.  Already know your endurance run training pace, just select that pace when you sign up (Pace Groups are every :30).

Back for 2017! - Alumni Pricing

We want to thank and reward those who choose to train with us every year!  Back for 2017 is Alumni Pricing!  Here's how it works:

Alumni pricing is based on Pig (spring) and Fall training only.  This means that you qualify for 2016 Flying Pig Training Alumni Pricing ONLY if you participated in 2015 Fall Training.  Other programs like SpeedPlay, Winter Warriors, or Hyde Park Blast training do not count.  Participants of each training program who will qualify for Alumni Pricing will receive a coupon code in their final weekly email.  These codes will be specific to each participant.  Below is an Alumni Pricing Schedule for reference.

  • Fall/Queen Bee 2015 qualify for Pig 2016
  • Pig 2016 qualify for Fall/Queen Bee 2016
  • Fall/Queen Bee 2016 qualify for Pig 2017 (and so on)
Alumni Pricing earns you an additional $10 off training registration.  EVEN during initial sale!  See Pricing

Coaches & Pace Group Leaders

Learn More about our incredible coaches and Pace Group Leaders here.  Or, are you interested in becoming a Pace Group Leader?  See what it takes here.

Participant Pig Perks

  • Team Fleet Feet Sports short sleeve training shirt
  • $10 Race Registration Coupon for the Heart Mini event of your choice
  • Post Saturday run goodies (coffee, healthy snacks and guilty pleasure snacks!)
  • Optional pre-race strategy session with head coach or Fleet Feet Sports staff
  • NEW FOR 2016 -  Fleet Feet Sports Training oval car magnet
  • NEW FOR 2016 - Exclusive Fleet Feet Sports Heart Mini Finisher Pack
  • Invitation to our Annual 20/12 Last Long Run & Celebration (2016 details to come)
  • $25 Fleet Feet Sports Gift Certificate to be used during training (expires 5.31.16)
  • And most importantly, being part of a group who's staff, coaches, and Pace Group Leaders will all get to know you personally, understand your goals, and are truly invested in your success.  We're your new training family!
  • More fun, surprise events and goodies along the way - we don't give it all away just yet!!

Race Day Amenities

  • Covered pre-race group meeting spot near start line with secure bag and gear check
  • NEW FOR 2016 - professional Fleet Feet Sports photographer on site race morning to take team picture (everyone will get a digital copy!)
  • Premium post-race meeting and celebration area complete with all of the best snacks, drinks and other amenities
  • PERSONALIZED Post Race Treats - have something specific you want after you close the finish line?  Let us know and we'll make it happen!
  • Dedicated Fleet Feet Sports cheer squad and support crew near miles 10 and 20 on the course!

Post Race Party!

The Tuesday and Wednesday after the Flying Pig Marathon you are invited to our big post race celebration party!  Location will either be at the store or a near by restaurant.  These nights are all about celebrating you and your great accomplishment! We bring in great local food and drink as well as other nice treats to help make it a party to remember! 

2016 LOCAL Training Program Sponsors

The sponsors of our training programs are far more than just a logo on a shirt. You will find each of them to add exceptional value to your overall training experience.  They all bring unique qualities and products to our group that we think make our training program the most well rounded, fun, and valuable in town! We think you'll agree!

  • Oxford Physical Therapy - Official Wellness & Injury Treatment and Prevention Partner (our original partners, true family)
  • Madtree Brewing - Official celebration beverage and more! (more than a great drink, these folks know how to support a community like the best)
  • Sleepy Bee - Official healthy food and coffee provider (you'll get hungry and we promise to feed you well!)

Registration & Pricing

  • November 3rd - December 15: $125 (Alumni BEST PRICE $115)
  • December 15 - Registration Close (January 31, 2016): $150 (Alumni Price $140)
  • 2016 Year Pass (Registration Closes December 31, 2015): $350

Which Training Program FITS You Best?

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Program Start: January 4th & 5th 2016
Goal Race: Flying Pig Marathon & Half Marathon
Program Fee: $125 through December 15, then $150
Description: Join Cincinnati's Premium Pig Training Program!

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