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Our Training Programs are awesome!  We take extreme pride in helping others reach their goals through fun, organized, and professionally coached training programs.  Over the last 15 years we have successfully trained thousands of people to achieve their personal fitness goals.  We believe we have the best coaches and resources around to help you reach your personal training goals.  When you train with Fleet Feet Sports you become part of our family and you're looked after by people who are truly invested in your success, safety and enjoyment.  Our approach to training is special to us and we think you'll appreciate it too.  Click the link below to read about our approach to every one of our training programs.

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Year Pass More Info »

Program Start: January
Program Schedule: Year Long Pass to ALL Fleet Feet Sports Training Programs
Program Fee: $350
Description: For $350 you will be given a unique all access code that will allow you to sign up for ANY of our 2016 training programs AND receive all of the perks and benefits of each! That includes Flying Pig, Heart Mini, Spring and Fall SpeedPlay, Hyde Park Blast, Thanksgiving, Fall and Queen Bee, and Winter Warriors! If you were to sign up for each of these individually it would be more than $500! You'll save a ton!

SpeedPlay More Info »

Program Start: August 13
Goal Race: Designed to compliment any fall marathon or half training schedule
Program Fee: $50
Description: Don't let the name scare you off, if you can complete a 2-mile run then SpeedPlay is for you! Our SpeedPlay Training Program is a great way to stay race ready and mix up your weekly running miles while becoming a more well-rounded runner. The 8-Week SpeedPlay Training Program is offered twice a year, once in the winter/spring (March-April) designed to compliment our Flying Pig or other marathon training programs) and once in the summer/fall (August-September) designed to compliment our fall half-marathon, 10K or 5K training programs.

Flying Pig 10K & Relay Training More Info »

Program Start: Tuesday, March 15th at 6:30pm
Program Fee: $50
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Flying Pig Marathon & Half More Info »

Program Start: January 4th & 5th 2016
Goal Race: Flying Pig Marathon & Half Marathon
Program Fee: $125 through December 15, then $150
Description: Join Cincinnati's Premium Pig Training Program!

NoBo Beginner & 2.0 More Info »

Program Start: January 2016
Program Fee: $100
Description: No Boundaries is a 5K Training Program designed for people who are currently in-active or new to walking or running. It's an 10 week training program where you get a weekly workout schedule and train as a group twice a week. Your head coach, mentor for YOUR pace of walking or running, and new friends, will make this program a fun challenge! We not only help you build your strength and endurance, but your confidence and knowledge to continue this healthier lifestyle and new hobby.
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Hyde Park Blast More Info »

Program Start: Saturday, May 7th
Goal Race: Hyde Park Blast 4 Mile
Program Fee: $40
Description: Join the Official Local Running Store Sponsor of the Hyde Park Blast! The most fun way to train for the Hyde Park Blast this summer! Plus keep up your summer fitness before fall training beings!
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Fall Training More Info »

Program Start: Tuesday, July 7th, 6:30pm
Program Schedule: Blue Ash: Tuesdays 6:30PM & Saturdays 7:00AM & Oakley: Wednesday 6:30PM & Saturdays 7:00AM
Goal Race: Indy Monumental
Program Fee: $125 for first 125. $150 after
Description: Fall Marathon season is the best! This year the Monumental Marathon in Indy is our Official Destination Marathon & Half. This means all sorts of training and race day perks will be available to those who are training with us and running a Monumental event.

Queen Bee More Info »

Program Start: Tuesday, July 7th 6:30PM
Program Schedule: Blue Ash: Tuesdays 6:30PM & Saturdays 7:00AM & Oakley: Wednesday 6:30PM & Saturdays 7:00AM
Goal Race: Queen Bee Half Marathon & 4 Mile
Program Fee: $150
Description: As the OFFICIAL Training Partner of the Queen Bee we are excited for year two of this great Cincinnati event! Participants can expect the very best in training along with many great social, shopping, and educational opportunities throughout. The Queen Bee is quickly earning a name for it's light hearted, lady oriented and vibrant theme and our training program will carry along those same qualities as we prepare our group for race day!

Thanksgiving Training More Info »

Program Start: September 29 & 30
Goal Race: One of Many Thanksgiving Day Cincinnati Races
Program Fee: $50
Description: Our Thanksgiving Day Training Program is the perfect addition to your summer and fall marathon or half program! We'll extend your running schedule with shorter and easier workouts that are based more on having fun with other runners and keeping up your motivation and enthusiasm all the way through Thanksgiving Day! If you are not currently in a training program for a fall event that is okay too! This program will ease you back into running and walking with the longest weekday runs being 4 miles. Saturdays we'll work our way up to the full 10K (6.2 mile) distance. All paces, intervals and walkers are absolutely welcome and encouraged.

Winter Warriors More Info »

Program Start: November 12
Program Fee: $50
Description: Winter Warriors is a fun and adventurous program that will keep you moving during the cold, dark winter months! What could be better than cold runs and walks followed up by warm bagels, hot coffee, a light hearted point-based challenge where you can win great prizes?! And everyone gets a FREE pair of wool socks? Is it hard to get yourself out the door on those cold, dark winter days? Do you tend to loose your fitness in winter and have to work hard to get back to it in January? Do you want to make winter more fun with friends and people like you? Want to PR the Pig? If you answered "yes" to any of those questions, you belong in Winter Warriors. This is our training program that is designed to help you maintain your fitness level during those cold months!

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