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We are so excited about the new Summit Park in Blue Ash!  It is truly a world-class park and we couldn't be more proud to have it in our community and we plan to use it a lot!  In 2016 as an Official Partner of The City of Blue Ash Summit Park we plan to use the park to it's fullest by offering a series of FREE fitness based, family friendly, and educational events for the community, all with varying focuses and ability levels.  In the years to come we hope to continue and evolve our events at Summit Park to best serve Blue Ash and the surrounding area!

For more about information about Summit Park and plans for its next stages of development, click here.   

General Series Info

All of the events would take place either on the walking path around the great lawn or on the lawn itself. When attending, plan to meet at the Fleet Feet Sports tent near on the great lawn near the main stage. We will provide a place for you to store your belongings as well as all necessary hydration and equipment needed for the particular event.  Come dressed ready to workout! 

Every clinic will be on Monday evening’s at 6:30PM. Each clinic or session will be designed to last right around 60 minutes.  RSVP FOR SPECIFIC CLINICS BELOW!

Clinic Descriptions & Levels

Below is a short description of each event as well as the suggested participant ability level.  Our goal is to provide a wide range of clinics that will appeal to the many different runner and walker experience and ability levels within our community. Below the event descriptions is the 2016 schedule with individual event RSVP's.  Be sure to RSVP for the specific event and date that you intent to attend. See out at the park!

Good Form Running -  Our Certified coaches will take participants through the four main points of GFR or GFW and go through hands on drills with video analysis.  GFR has been widely adopted as the best running technique and is helping runners across the country run faster, easier, and injury free. ABILITY LEVEL: Any

Mini Milers! Little Kids Fun Run -  The goal of Mini Milers is to promote the activity of running through fun, dynamic running-related games and exercises. We want to help your children increase their respective levels of endurance while focusing on the fun and rewarding aspects of running! Parents are welcome and encouraged to participate with their children! ABILITY LEVEL: Kids/Beginner 

Trigger Point Therapy for Runners -  Taking care of your body is vital to being an athlete. No matter your athletic goal you should always keep your muscles loose and limber to enhance performance and the way you feel.  This session is specifically designed to teach you the best ways to manipulate, stretch, and massage your muscle groups that will allow them to perform at their highest level.  We'll provide the education, the tools, and the programing, all you need to do is show up and be ready to roll...literally! ABILITY LEVEL: Any

The Benefits of Dynamic Running Drills -  This session will take participants through a series of dynamic running drills that will both teach them proper form of the drills and the benefits of incorporating these drills into their warm up, cool down and strengthening routines.  Dynamic running  drills can be used to fine tune form, end a run with precision or begin a run to warm up the body properly, this session with review all of these benefits! ABILITY LEVEL: Advanced

Adult Track Workouts 101 -  Too many runners are either intimidated by the track or just unaware of it’s purpose outside of their kids track program at school. This track session will educate participants on the safe and proper ways to incorporate shorter, faster running into their weekly running schedule. The benefit is increased 5K and 10K times as well as stronger legs and a higher heart rate efficiency, not to mention a new way to enjoy running! ABILITY LEVEL: Intermediate/Advanced

2017 Event Schedule

  • Monday, June 12 - Good Form Running Clinic
  • Monday July 10 - Mini Milers, Little Kids Fun Run  RSVP HERE
  • Monday August 14 - Trigger Point Therapy for Runners  RSVP HERE

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