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PSA Running Crew

*Pretty Standard Athletes

We Love to Run & Drink Beer (but mostly drink beer)

Welcome to Cincinnati's newest Brewery Running Club. We're teaming up with our neighbors at MadTree to offer up a unique once-a-month Brew Run Crew. Our new Crew is perfect for the casual runner, beer drinker, and sometimes athlete-sometimes not kind of person.  

To be honest, we like beer as much as we do running (maybe even a little more) and we think the best beer is the one shared with friends after a run.  We're runners too, but not the kind that stare at your with an angry face at stop lights. We're casual, friendly, and low key kind of athletes. We still love a good workout though. I guess you can call us standard - Pretty Standard Athletes.  Join us anytime. 

The format is simple. Join us on the second Monday of every month at either MadTree Taproom or a partner pub for a casual, free, social run ranging between 3 and 6 miles. Each Brew Run will have a fun theme, preferred beer pairing special and of course plenty of socializing after.  

Plus you'll be rewarded every time you show up through our Miles Reward Program on the Fleet Feet app. Earn cool Brew Run swag items like tees, hoodies, hats and other Fleet Feet and MadTree merchandise simply by showing up and running.

All paces and ability levels are welcome and encouraged to join. If you enjoy a casual run and good beer, this group is for you!

Earn Brew Run Miles

Every Brew Run will be worth between 10 and 25 miles.  Earn the miles by checking into the event on the Fleet Feet app.  To earn extra points link your Strava account to the app and you will earn as many additional miles as you run that night.  

For example if a Brew Run is worth 10 points and you check in as well as run 6 miles and have your Strava account linked to the Fleet Feet app you will earn 16 miles total.  

Redeem Brew Run Miles

We're currently building out an awesome menu of swag that you'll be able to redeem as you earn points. Stay tuned for the complete list of swag.

The Schedule

Always on Monday.  Always at 6:30PM.  Always at MadTree or Partner Pub on 2nd Monday of the month. Always featuring PSA.

  • January 14th:
    • Location: MadTree Tap Room
    • Theme: Resolutions are made to be broken
    • Run: An easy Oakley 3 miles followed by a session of resolution sharing - and breaking
    • Beer: Luna Lux - White IPA. 39 IBU, 6.0% ABV. Luna Lux will bring a brightness to your senses on even the darkest days.
  • February 11th:
    • Location: Mac's Pizza (Mariemont Location)
    • Theme: For the love (& hate) of running couples run
    • Run: Partner up with a special someone for a fun "couple" of lovely miles around town
    • Beer:  Rubus Cacao - Chocolate Raspberry Stout. 12 IBU, 7.0% ABV. Sweet chocolate notes lead as raspberry tartness follows in unison resembling a perfectly executed dance. It's love at first sip.
  • March 11th:
    • Location: MadTree Tap Room
    • Theme: Spring Training
    • Run: Head out towards Norwood to the Xavier campus
    • Beer:  Rounding Third - Red IPA. 51 IBU, 6.5% ABV. Brewed to celebrate the start of our favorite pastime.
  • April 8th:
    • Location: Holy Grail
    • Theme: Pig Ready!
    • Run: Enjoy a sampling of the Flying Pig Marathon Course one month out from the big day
    • Beer:  Psychopathy - IPA. 60 IBU, 6.9% ABV. Trust your senses.
  • May 13th:
    • Location: MadTree Tap Room
    • Theme: Medal Monday!
    • Run: An easy and short run or walk to help ease the Flying Pig soreness 
    • Beer:  Cucumberweiss - details coming soon
  • June 10th:
    • Location: Arthur's Hyde Park
    • Theme: Blast Off! 
    • Run: Preview the Hyde Park Blast 4 mile course
    • Beer:  Entropic Theory - IPA. 70 IBU, 7.5% ABV. This IPA hits you with huge aromas of orange, peach, and apricot.
  • July 8th:
    • Location: MadTree Tap Room
    • Theme: 'Merica the Great
    • Run: A patriotic jog in our most "USA" running gear!
    • Beer:  Shade - Tart Fruit Ale. 10 IBU, 4.6% ABV. Whatever the summer holds, feel free to kick back and relax, the ‘Tree has you covered
  • August 12th:
    • Location: Casual Pint Mason
    • Theme: Dogs Days of Summer
    • Run: It's hot, let's run and get back quick for a drink
    • Beer:  Mule-jito - details coming soon
  • September 9th:
    • Location: MadTree Tap Room
    • Theme: Ladies (& Queens) Night
    • Run: A preview of the Queen Bee course
    • Beer:  Coffee Table - details coming soon
  • October 14th:
    • Location: Firehouse Grill
    • Theme: A Blue Ash Classic 
    • Run: A preview of the Hunger 5K course
    • Beer: Happy Amber - Amber Ale. 30 IBU, 6.0% ABV. This dry-hopped ale combines caramel and biscuit malt flavors in happy equilibrium with late addition American hops.
  • November 11th:
    • Location: MadTree Tap Room
    • Theme: "Lift" to Thanksfulness!
    • Run: 3 - 4 thankful miles 
    • Beer:  Lift Kölsch. 11 IBU, 4.7% ABV. Lift your spirits without lowering your expectations.
  • December 9th:
    • Location: Gas Light Cafe
    • Theme: HoliDAZE
    • Run: A festive run around Pleasant Ridge
    • Beer:  Thundersnow - Spiced Scottish Ale. 18 IBU, 8.5% ABV. Ginger, nutmeg, vanilla, hints of cinnamon and a bready malt sweetness are the secret. 

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