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Learn the basics of maintaining a loose, pain-free body

Taking care of your body is vital to being an athlete. No matter your athletic goal you should always keep your muscles loose and limber to enhance performance and the way you feel.  Our classes are specifically designed to teach you the best ways to manipulate, stretch, and massage your muscle groups that will allow them to perform at their highest level.  We'll provide the education, the tools, and the programing, all you need to do is show up and be ready to roll...literally!

Classes are held one Sunday a month and will alternate between Blue Ash and Oakley.  Click the date below to RSVP for the clinic you would like to attend.

Upcoming Clinic Schedule:

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Tight IT Bands?  Hamstrings?  What about just general soreness from daily life?  We can help.  With the products from Trigger Point Performance Therapy, we will guide you through the correct techniques and manipulations that will "unlock your body" and help create a more flexible, loose, and limber you.

Each Session will offer a combination of BOTH Therapy Self Massage 101 and Dynamic Foam Rolling.

 1. Trigger Point Performance Therapy Self Massage 101:

By way of the Trigger Point Performance Therapy tools this class focuses on releasing, lengthening, and strengthening your muscles while slightly engaging your core for maximum benefit.  Based on the Ultimate 6 program this class takes participants through a six point full body release from the feet up that is assured to be equal parts hands-on and education.  Remember, it's not about speed or intensity, it's about good form, breath, and engaging the muscles. Remember what you tolerate, you accept!  You don't have to live with tightness or soreness.  This class is all about unlocking our body and is ideal for people training for a fall running event.

This class primarily focuses on the hips, upper and lower legs and foot. However we typically touch on shoulders, neck, back and pectorals when time or interest permits.

2. Dynamic Foam Rolling:

A core-focused foam rolling class based on the Trigger Point Performance Therapy SMRT-CORE Program uses The Grid to offer not only deep massage but an intense yet simple core workout.   This class focuses on foundational and intermediate foam roller massage movements while engaging the stabilizing muscles of the core to increase strength and stability. 

We believe every active person can benfit from these classes because functional mobility and strength are central tennats to healthy active lives, no matter what the specific activity is.

Each class will last 1 hour. Come in work out clothes and bring a yoga mat and a water bottle.

Both classes are open to individuals at all levels of fitness. Athlete and Non-Athlete.

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