Brooks Donut Mile

1 Mile. 4 Donuts. Endless Glory!

Here's how it works: Run a mile and eat a donut every 400 meters.  1 Mile = 4 Donuts.

When: Saturday, November 19th


  • 8:30AM - Check-in & Heat Assignments
  • 9:00AM - First Heat Goes Off
  • 9:45AM - Kids "Donut Hole" Run

Where: Sycamore Junior High Track (5757 Cooper Road)


  • Brooks Donut Mile - 4 Laps - 4 Donuts
  • Kids "Donut Hole" 1/4 Mile - 1 Lap - 4 Donut Holes (ages 14 and under)

The Details: This is a fun run for all ability levels!  The concept is simple.  We will seed the group into 3 heats based on estimated finish time.  Please try to be as accurate as possible when estimating your time.  Each heat will begin with participants eating 1 donut before running their first lap of the track.  They will repeat this 3 more times for a total of 4 laps, or one mile.  Fastest time wins! 

Kids Run: The Kid's Donut Hole 1/4 Mile will follow the 3 Donut Mile Heats.  This will be 1 lap with donut holes for the kiddos at the end.

Awards: While this event is simply for fun, we will recognize the fastest male and female donut milers with a very special gift.  Post run coffee will also be provided by our friends at Brooks to help wash down the donuts!   

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