Socks & Insoles

We believe in worlds best socks and premium insoles.  Because a shoe alone can not offer the best FIT.  Customize your FIT with a perfect fitting sock and countoured insole to optimize your total footwear package.

The right sock is just as important as the right shoe.  But what type of sock do you prefer?  Do you like tight and thin, or thick and cushy?  What about synthetic or natural?  Tall or no-show?  We even have medical grade compression socks and sleeves to aid in recovery and performance.  Like feet and shoes, socks come in all different shapes, colors, and sizes.  So how will you know what's best for you?  Try them on!  Go ahead, pull any sock off our wall and try it on, it's the only way you will know what fits you the best! 

Did you know the sock linear in most high end running and walking shoes are actually intended to be taken out and replaced?  It's true, their real purpose in life is to cover the stiching in the bottom on th shoe...not support your foot or offer cushion!  That is why we always reccomend a much higher quality insole to customize every shoe's FIT.

Premium insoles are meant to support the foot and align the body to help with foot function and provide all day comfort.  Remember, through stability you achieve mobility!  Soft (gel or foam) insoles may aggravate common problems like plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendonitis depending on the foot type because they do not offer the foot any support. A firmer insole typically helps balance and stabilize your feet and body in a biomechanically sounds way.  We believe not everyone needs insoles, but everyone can certainly benefit from them. We carry a variety of insoles that provide the neutral support, stability, and comfort your foot needs.  Let us help you discover your proper insole FIT.

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