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Oxford Physical Therapy, our Partners in Healthy Customers

At Fleet Feet Sports, we want to ensure that you meet your fitness goals without pesky pains and injuries standing in your way! And sometimes that means utilizing tools beyond the basic foam roller or stretch.  

That's why we partner with the area's most experienced physical therapists.  Oxford Physical Therapy is the tri-states leading physical therapy group offering an extensive range of services to all level of athletes and non athletes.  Plus with numerous locations they are close and easy to get to from anywhere in Greater Cincinnati.

 In the state of Ohio and Kentucky, you are able to visit a physical therapist without a doctor's prescription and they can still bill through your insurance.  This is a huge benefit for you to save time and money.  At Oxford Physical Therapy Centers, they offer FREE injury screens.  A free injury screen consists of 10-15 minutes with a physical therapist or physical therapist assistant to discuss your injury/ache or pain.  

They will provide a recommendation on next steps to help you get back to your active lifestyle as healthy and as quickly as possible.  To find a location most convenient for you, click the map below or call 513.701.6100

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