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U.S. employees spend an average of 50 hours a week at work and eat about one-third of their meals there as well. Work is a source of pride, defines our career, and is responsible for many influences on lifestyle.  As an owner, HR director, or wellness committee chair you can positively impact the lifestyles of your employees, creating more productive and satisfied workers... and Fleet Feet Sports Cincinnati can help.   

How Fleet Feet Sports Can Help

Fleet Feet Sports is happy meet your companies wellness needs in a number of ways.  From setting up an informational booth at your health fair, to getting your employees involved in a beginner 5K walking or running program. With Workplace Fit, we set up a Fleet Feet Sports store at your company to fit your employees for proper fitting shoes and insoles.  We also host "lunch and learns," for companies on numerous topics that can be can be tailored to your group's specific interests.  Topics often include:  Shoe Fit and comfort during exercise, A Guide to well-FIT Sports Bras, Tips for beginning an exercise program, etc.  

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