Vicki G.

Ambassador Team Vicki G

Name: Vicki G.

Racing Division: 45 - 49 F #19 ranked in the City

10k:  Thanksgiving Day Run 44:00
Half:  Dayton Corridors 1:36:00
Full: Air Force Marathon 3:26:00


Running Highlights : Completed 25 marathons.  Came back after a car wreck and PR'd my marathon time. 

Favorite Training Method: I like speed training workouts.

Favorite Training Song: Anything with an up beat and fast.

Awards:  3rd place in my age group for an out of town marathon, with a cash award

What do you have to say Vicki G.!:  The best part of my experience with running in a group is meeting people and making new friends.

Upcoming 2014 Schedule:
Heart Mini 15K - 3/16
Xenia Half - 4/6
Flying Pig Half - 5/4
Jamestown Half - 7/12


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