Tommy K.

Name: Tommy K.

Racing Division: 24 & Under M & Open Division Ranked #2 in the city 

5K: 2011 Lou Cox 5K, Dayton, OH 14:45 5th Overall
10K: 2011 Thanksgiving Day Race 30:40:00 2nd Overall
Half: 2013 Mill Race 1/2 Marathon, Columbus, IN 1:07:11 6th Overall
Full: 2013 Boston Marathon 2:28:28 67th Overall

Running Highlights:  Starting the 2011 Chicago Marathon in a corral right behind the professionals and being close enough to shake Ryan Hall's hand (but of course missing the opportunity). Running the Bay to Breakers 12k in San Francisco…I didn't run all that fast, but it's one of the most eclectic races in the country. Running cross-country and track at Xavier University. I definitely miss track season.

Favorite Training Method:   I like to incorporate methods from many different coaches and athletes, but my favorite has to the Lydiard system. His methods have been proven to work over the past 60 years by many of the best runners in the world. I feel that quality aerobic condition is the foundation upon which to build hill strength and specific race strength.

Favorite Training Song:  I don't listen to music very often when I run, but the song that gets me most pumped up to race is "1901" by Phoenix.

67th Overall at the 2013 Boston Marathon…looking to improve in the future though!
1st overall in the 2013 Heart Mini 15k
1st overall in the 2012 Go OTR 5k
2nd overall in the 2011 and 2013 Thanksgiving Day Race


Say something Tommy K.: I'm really excited to be representing Fleet Feet and to be training with such a great group! I think we can show the city that we're pretty darn good, and also improve each other in the process.

Upcoming 2014 Schedule:
Anthem 5k in Louisville - 2/22
Bockfest 5k - 3/8
Heart Mini 15k - 3/16
Pittsburgh Half Marathon - 5/4
Music City Distance Carnival (track meet in Nashville) - 6/7
Hyde Park Blast 5k - 6/28


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