Keith H.

Ambassador Team Keith H

Name: Keith H.

Racing Division:  Age Division: 30-34 M Ranked #13 in the city

10K- 2013 Flying Pig 10K- 35:24- 3rdOverall
Full- 2012 Akron Marathon- 2:53:37- 21stOverall
Ultra- 2013 Stone Steps 50k- 4:48:56- 6th Overall
Tri- 2009 Ironman Wisconsin- 10:14:03


Running Highlights:  Training for and completing the 2012 Akron Marathon and 2013 Eagle Creek Trail Race with my wife Lauren. Also, working with hundreds of Team in Training participants over the last 5 years and watching them achieve their goals.  I’ve had the pleasure of running with lots of folks around town, and while our goals are accomplished at the finish line, the friendships developed along the way extend miles beyond.

Favorite Training Method: Hills.  Lots of steep hills!

Favorite Training Song: I prefer not to run with headphones while outside on the roads and trails.  But if I you found me running on a treadmill here are a few that would be on my playlist: Pearl Jam- State Of Love & Trust Red Hot Chili Peppers- Can’t Stop Disptach- Here We Go John Butler Trio- Ocean

What you gotta say Keith!:  Whether stopping in at the store, or joining a scheduled Fleet Feet group run- I a always learn something new and have a good laugh in the process.  I'm really excited (and motivated) to be a part of the Fleet Feet community!

Noteable Awards:
2008 Carew Tower Climb Vertical Mile- Overall Winner
2013 Mt. Mitchell Trail Marathon- 3rdOverall
2013 Xterra East Fork- 2nd Overall
2013 Eagle Creek Trail Marathon- Overall Winner

Upcoming 2014 Schedule:
Mt. Mitchell Challenge - 2/22
118th Boston Marathon - 4/21


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