John A.

Ambassador Team John A

Name: John A.

Racing Division: 45 - 49 M

1 Mile: Little Kings - 6:11 11th Division Place
5K: BockFest - 20:43, 7th Division Place
10K: Race for the Cure - 54:44 18th Division Place
14K: Hudepol Race - 1:01:38 8th Division Place
15K: Heart Mini - 72:23 25th Division Place
Half: Flying Pig - 2:22:00 Ran with daughter (same as a first place finish)
Full: Missoula Montana Marathon - 3:40:00 21st Division Place

Running Highlights :  Started running in 2012 while losing weight with Weight Watchers to earn more activity points.  In September 2012, ran my first race: 2012 Race for the Cure 10K.  Happy with my results, I accepted my daughter Alix's invitation to run the 2013 Flying Pig Half Marathon together.  I joined Fleet Feet so that I would not embarrass either of us.  While training for the Flying Pig I learned a lot about running form and training so my speed increased throughout the year.

Favorite Training Method:  I would rather just run whatever the training schedule says; but, recently I learned the importance of having a strong core to minimize injuries.  I am working on doing more squats, sit-ups, and planks so I don't miss any more races due to injury.

Favorite Training Song: Most anything by ABBA

Noteable Awards: Being an AWESOME Mentor for other runners!

Say something John A!:  Fleet Feet has provided me with running knowledge (e.g. Good Form Running, and Active Isolated Stretching) in addition to providing a fun and challenging environment.  I have met so many positive people at Fleet Feet.  Fleet Feet and I come from the same city.  Do you know what city that is?

Upcoming 2014 Schedule:
Bockfest 5k - 3/8
Heart Mini Half - 3/16
Little Kings Mile - 5/2
Flying Pig 5k, 10k & Full! - 5/3 - 5/4
Cincy Half - 6/28
Hudepohl 14K - 9/20
Thanksgiving 10k - 11/28


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